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Workshops by Woodard exists to meet Christ-followers where they are and train them in skills to effectively serve others within and without Christ’s Body the Church.

By meet Christ-followers we mean meet up with those striving to follow Jesus and His ways

By where they are we mean in reference to their life journey

By train them in skills we mean equip, mentor, or coach them to have or increase capacity

By effectively serve others we mean serving to meet needs in ways that empower the receiver

By within and without we mean those who are part of a church family and those who are not

By Christ’s body, the church we mean the community of Christ-followers who are being salt and light

To accomplish this, Dan is committed to:

  • Consulting with pastor and leaders as requested to explore the training needs of the church or organization
  • Collaborating on ways to meet these training needs
  • Custom-designing discussion guides to meet these needs
  • Facilitating workshops using teaching methods best suited for adult learning, including small- and large-group discussion
  • Aiming for immediate application to life or ministry